Frequently asked questions about spandsp


Steve Underwood

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What is spandsp?
What is the difference between HylaFAX and spandsp?
Can I FAX reliably through a VoIP channel?
spandsp's FAX machine only works up to V.17/14400bps. Isn't that a bit limiting?
Should I use echo cancellation for FAX?
Can spandsp's FAX machine work with packages such as HylaFAX?
FAXing with spandsp keeps giving me core dumps. Its crap, isn't it?
I keep getting pages cut short. Fix this heap of rubbish or I will sue!
Quick answer
Somewhat fuller answer
Can you fix the bug the makes FAX pages look an odd shape when I see them on my computer.
Can spandsp send a header on each page of a FAX, like most FAX machines do?
Can you provide the text in the FAX headers as output from spandsp when receiving a FAX?
If I take random versions of different software packages and plug them together, they either don't compile or don't run properly.
Where can I find DTMF test data?
How can I generate a FAX compatible multi-page TIFF file from a PDF file?

Frequently asked questions about spandsp

What is spandsp?

spandsp is a library which provides many of the DSP functions needed for telephony. It is designed to be independent of the telephony platform itself.