Can you fix the bug the makes FAX pages look an odd shape when I see them on my computer.

On computers, FAX is normally stored in TIFF files. These are used for two main reasons. First, most graphics file formats only deal with a single image. TIFF is not a simple image format. It is a true document format, and allows all the pages of a FAX to be stored in proper order in a single file. Second, TIFF deals with asymmetric pixels properly. The resolution across a FAX page is not the same as the resolution down the page. TIFF deals with this properly. TIFF also has several features specifically supporting the fine details of FAXes.

Now, TIFF has all this good stuff, but the world is filled with lousy image viewers. A lot of image viewers cannot handle anything but the first page of a TIFF file. Many cannot deal with the asymmetric pixels properly, and display the image in a very distorted manner. Generally standard resolution FAXes are severly squashed vertically. Fine resolution FAXes usually look OK.

Sorry, I can't fix this one. Its nothing to do with me. Try another image viewer.