The MFC/R2 protocol module for Unicall

User manual

Steve Underwood

documentation in progress

This document can be freely redistributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Table of Contents

1. What are MFC/R2 and the MFC/R2 protocol module for Unicall
2. An introduction to MFC/R2
Signal types in MFC/R2
Line signals for the digital version of MFC/R2 (defined in ITU-T Q.421)
Line signals for the analogue version of MFC/R2 (defined in ITU-T Q.411)
Inter-register signals (defined in ITU-T Q.441)
Where are the signals and supervisory tones generated, and how are they used?
3. The MFC/R2 protocol support in Unicall
4. Customising an MFC/R2 installation.
Setting the protocol variant.
What if some incoming calls work, and some fail?
What if supervisory tones do not work correctly?

List of Tables

2.1. Forward line signals, digital version
2.2. Backward line signals for digital MFC/R2
2.3. ITU-T Q.421/Table 1
2.4. ITU-T Q.400 series supplement No.6/Table 1
2.5. ITU-T Q.441/Table 6 - group I forward signals
2.6. ITU-T Q.441/Table 7 - group II forward signals
2.7. ITU-T Q.441/Table 8 - group A backward signals
2.8. ITU-T Q.441/Table 9 - group B backward signals