T.38 protocol (FoIP) support

User manual

Steve Underwood

documentation in progress

This document can be freely redistributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Table of Contents

1. The T.38 real-time FAX over IP (FoIP) protocol
2. The basics of a T.38 entity
3. The core elements of a T.38 implementation
The T.38 Internet Fascimile Protocol (IFP) packetiser
The UDPTL, RTP, TPKT packetiser
4. The elements of a T.38 terminal
5. The elements of a T.38 gateway
The HDLC decoder
T.30 message analysis and manipulation
The HDLC rate adapting encoder
TCF (training confirmation) and non-ECM image data rate adaption
6. Testing an implementation of T.38
7. Living with real world T.38 entities.
Non-ECM data ending immediately after the six EOLs denoting the end of a page causes corruption
Expect mixups between non-ECM and ECM image modes.
Expect some very poor timing decisions in various designs.
Which kinds of error correction to use.
What really ends the data?
Normal use versus testing

List of Tables

6.1. Commetrex T.38 tests